- august 11 -

Observing the eclipse

Observing the eclipse with the naked eye

The eclipse can be observed with the naked eye only during the phase of totality, which will last approximately 2 minutes in Romania. The phases of partiality can be observed only by using special glasses or solar filters. Is it extremely dangerous to observe the Sun in the partial phases of the eclipse with the naked eye! Due to the intense light and ultaviolet and infrared radiations, there is a risk of partial or total blindness.

The eclipse can be observed in secure conditions only by using filters specially made for this purpose. This filters have a thin layer of aluminium, chromium or silver deposited on their surfaces that attenuates both visible and infrared energy, and present security in the eclipse observation. Do not use as filters color films, medical x-ray films, smoked glass, polarizing filters or usual sunglasses, because they do not attenuate the infrared and ultraviolet radiations, even if they seem to attenuate the visible light.

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