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Observing the eclipse

Observing the eclipse using an optical instrument

Due to the intense radiations, extremely dangerous for the eye, observing the Sun through an optical instrument also implies using filters special made for this purpose. NEVER OBSERVE THE SUN THROUGH AN OPTICAL INSTRUMENT WITHOUT USING A SOLAR FILTER!

There are two methods of observation the Sun using an optical instrument: the projection method and and the direct observation, through the instrument, using solar filters.

For making observations on the Sun, the instrument must be positioned so that the image of the Sun will appear in the middle of the visible field. This can be done by projecting the image obtained by the instrument on a piece of paper or a white screen. This method can be used for observations, it's main advantage being that the image obtained can be seen by many people and the observation is totaly safe.

The second method, the one that implies the using of solar filters assumes that a filter will be put in front of the instrument's objectiv. This filter is made by a thin piece of optical glass covered on a layer of metal which attenuates the radiations. The main advantage of this method is the quality of the image obtained.

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