- august 11 -

Observing the eclipse

Solar eclipse photography

Solar photography and solar eclipses photography can be easily made if some eye safety precautions are followed. These photos can be made with any kind of camera with manual controls. The size of the image obtained depends on the focal lenght of the camera. For a focal lenght of 50 mm, the image size will be 0.5 mm, and for a 2500 mm focal lenght the image size will be 23 mm.

For the photography there are also needed solar filters as those recommended for the observation which will be put in front of the objectiv of the camera.

A low speed film is recommended (ISO 50-100). One method for determining the exposure time is accomplished by running a calibration test on the Sun, before the eclipse and using every shutter speed. Depending on the result, the best exposure time will be used for the eclipse photography.

During the phase of totality, the filters must be removed. The cromosphere, the corona and the solar proeminences photographies can be extremely spectacular but they don't need any solar filters or special techniques. For the photography short exposure times will be used, because of the brightness of the cromosphere. A big focal lenght is also needed to obtain a better photo, full of details.

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