- august 11 -

Observing the eclipse

Solar eclipse videotaping

The main advantage of using a video camera instead of a photo camera is that the image can be observed on the control screen and it's quality can be controlled and improved. To record the partial phases a 5 density filter is needed. Even if the quality of the filter is not very high, there are no risks for the eye, seeing the image on the control screen is absolutely safe, no matter how bright the image is.

Videotaping the totality phase will be realised by removing all filters and using the maximum focal lenght of the zoom and manual control of the camera. At the end of the totality phase the filters will be put back on.

During all the eclipse, the video camera must be put on a fixed base or an equatorial.

During the partial phases it is not necessary to continuously record the eclipse, because the interest on this phases is very low. During the totality phase continuously recording is very important for the beauty of the event and the spectacular details that may appear.

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